Shop for the Holidays! Part of the proceeds will go to the following charities: DIVAS for Social Justice, Quad Educational Services, and Johanna's Haven. We believe in supporting our community.

Do Me A Solid (DMAS) is a T-shirt design company which presents Hip-Hop Graffiti Fashions. DMAS is the brainchild of Jon "Solid" Valinotti. Jon "SOLID" has been an established graffiti artist for over 25 years. He is the former Marketing Director of ck Calvin Klein Jeanswear, FUBU Ladies the Collection and Basketball City.

Mr. Valinotti is the current President/Treasurer, along with co-founder and business partner Courtney Barrett-Bryan, VP/Secretary; Sha Sha Feng, website Designer and Programmer; William Denizard, Art Designer and Kendria Greaux, consultant. These five individuals also comprise the current Board of Directors.

The concept behind Do Me A Solid is based upon the old adage of doing someone a "solid" (a favor). So in keeping with doing someone a solid, DMAS intends to "look out" (care for) all of our DMAS friends & family by presenting authentic NYC hip-hop graffiti t-shirt designs that promote a sense of empowerment and inspiration. In the future our interactive website will allow you to add your own personal touch to make the shirt you purchase truly your own. With the click of a button you can create designs that express your own imagination, individuality and freedom of expression.